One evening at dusk the dogs growled and watched something in the garden as we sat reading in the sitting room. Looking out we were stunned to see 2 large, dark deer perusing our garden plants. Never in 29 years have we seen deer here and we fear for our plants and trees. We assume that as the grass has […]

Tractors are throbbing in the fields, working hard to plough the pink soil now that the wind has dried the ground. A wonderful old oak tree has turned up its toes on the bank above the castle and will provide us with plenty of excellent wood for burning. Small lambs jump for joy and play in the sunshine as they […]

Wonderful snowdrops in waves have appeared all over the wilderness relishing the light where we have cleared the brambles. Now the daffodils wait, with their heads bent ready for flowering, for the weather to calm since each day brings a different wind to batter them. Along an old hedgerow a thorn has split bringing with it a huge bunch of […]

Changes from plus 14 to minus 4 degrees can be confusing for man and beast. A sleepy queen wasp crawling across our bedroom to sting my husband on the toe in the night was a horrid surprise! Mice suddenly try to come indoors to keep warm, and the ice on the pond is making the birds quite thirsty. After dark, […]

Seriously freezing last night with minus 12 on the roof! Glorious sun this morning making the frost sparkle on the grass and the leaves crisp for walking. The orange blazing leaves finally dropping from the oaks and it feels like the right time to take a walk and then settle cosily in from of the fire.

Now that the nights have become colder and the crisp days shorten, ┬áthe clarity in the light between showers makes it ideal walking weather. Sunlight catches the newly ploughed furrows and the skies are deep blue with scudding fluffy clouds. Gradually the farm animals are being moved indoors and fields seem rather empty, and the leaves are tinged with yellow […]

We were rather startled to find a squirrel trapped in our wood burner scrabbling to escape given that the chimney is about 25ft high and no trees nearby! What to do? Trying to grab it wearing thick leather gloves as they have strong rat-like teeth proved fruitless as it skipped out and luckily rushed round the room until it found […]

To our delight, a kingfisher has started to come each morning to our pond. It sits on the hand of the upstretched hand of the young girl fountain and darts to collect snails-we think- as there are no fish. The swallows are still in their nest over the front door although the young are thinking about flying away but are […]

A glorious, 70ft oak tree suddenly leaned over last week and came to rest against an equally tall beech tree adjacent to the main path behind the holiday cottages in the wilderness or arboretum, if you are feeling posh! Sadly it had to come down and today the tree surgeon managed to fell it without damaging any other trees which […]

Tractors are busy all the time as the farmers cut grass for silage and we have a new, livelier bunch of cattle in the field in front of the house. Views from the tops of local hills are spectacular as the rain sweeps through and then clears. Cycling round here is challenging as the roads can be quite steep, but […]